Christian Orient and Byzantium - Corpus Project

This Digital Humanities project furthers global knowledge of the culture, heritage, languages, history, and society of Oriental Christians, from late ancient times, through the Middle Ages, and into the present. In a first step, this project provides bibliographical resources. These data can be accessed in different ways, including global searching or filtering according to specific traditions, for instance, searching for bibliographical entries that pertain to Armenian Studies, Georgian Studies, Syriac Studies, Christian Arabic Studies, Coptic Studies, Ethiopic Studies, Byzantine Studies, or Eastern Mediterranean Studies. As we obtain further funds, we will expand the data. With additional resources, we will also add other resources.

First Release

2023.09.14 by Schewe Helmut Konrad

This is the first release of cobdh project.
The database contains:

  • Bibliography: 321
  • Persons: 319